Thursday, January 21, 2010


Mitchellville is a small town (population around 500) that sits along Hwy. 65 north of Dumas. The town is a collection of homes all bunched around a huge silo and grain elevator (or I guess that is what it is). The building looms large over the homes there.

I thought that it looked neat, so I turned off of Hwy. 65 and drove around some to try to find a good angle for some pictures. It's a very active place, with trucks moving in and out. I ended up behind the buildings, along a dirt road that runs next to some train tracks.
P1181343 copy


This is the view a field nearby, with the final remains of last years harvest...

From there I headed back south on Hwy. 65, and would soon visit one of the most historic places in Arkansas...

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