Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pinnacle Mountain

The office that I work out is located far out on the western fringe of suburban Little Rock. The location isn't great when you are battling rush hour traffic every day (especially if its rainy and people forget how to drive). But the office is awesome because it's just seven miles from the parking lot at work to the parking lot at the base of Pinnacle Mountain. It only takes about ten minutes to drive out there, and it's a nice place to visit on lunch breaks.

So last week, I left for lunch and drove out to Pinnacle. It was pouring down rain, and the low hills around Pinnacle were shrouded in fog. My first stop was to see if the picnic area and trails at the base of the mountain were open. The area is susceptible to flooding, and we had a lot of rain lately. But I was surprised to see the area was open, and I was not surprised to not see another person out there.

I decided to walk the Kingfisher Trail, holding a small umbrella that didn't do much to keep out the rain. Other than that, it was a pleasant hike - not counting the parts of the trail that were under a few inches of water. Quickly the trail curves around and runs alongside the Little Maumelle River. The water was high and muddy, quickly flowing past the tall cypress trees along the bank.

And a view of Pinnacle Mountain itself, by the parking lot for the trail. The fog and rain really did help saturate the fall colors out there.

It was time to head back to the office, unfortunately, so I drove back to the cubicle at work. None of my co-workers seemed to notice my muddy shoes and soaked clothes that afternoon...

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Windy Richardson said...

LOL, you really do need spare shoes in your car. Great pictures.