Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Last Thursday it poured down rain. Some parts of Central Arkansas received almost four inches of rain during the course of the day. While I did curse the rain during the longer than usual commute to work (drivers tend to freak out when they have to turn their windshield wipers on), I was eagerly awaiting a weekend spent looking at waterfalls. I tried to think of a few places that would have both some lingering fall color, and waterfalls. But that nasty storm system that dumped so much rain quickly moved on, which meant that it was bright and sunny all weekend. This was good for Trick-or-Treaters, but awful for waterfall photography.

I just gave up and stayed home. It ended up being a productive day. I needed to get a print made, so I met up with my friend John in downtown Little Rock. We ended up visiting a few different places around town, in search of some nice fall color. This was taken along Second Street, looking up at the Stephen's Building.
There were window washers out on the building that afternoon, and they were quickly seen dropping down the side of the skyscraper.

We got in the car and visited a few other places. The trees at the Clinton Library weren't all that impressive. We moved on to MacArthur Park and the old Arsenal Building. This is one of the oldest buildings in Little Rock, and it has a huge lawn with several towering old trees around it.

I don't think the fall colors around Little Rock were as impressive as the colors up in the Ozarks this year, perhaps because of all the recent rain. Apparently fall colors depends on some top-secret and complicated formula that involves sunny weather and varying amounts of rainfall. Too much or too little, and things turn out to be a bit lackluster. Or something like that - that big storm probably knocked most of the colorful leaves off the trees before they had a chance to shine.

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