Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Junction Bridge

So I went out to the Junction Bridge last night, trying to get a good shot of the sunset behind the bridge. Well I managed to totally time the sunset wrong, which had me standing around the bridge for awhile waiting for it to get dark (which meant missing some good Olympics on tv).

I set the camera on the tripod and waited and waited for it to get dark. To pass the time, I ended up tossing the lens cap into the air and trying to catch it. This was a fun game until I missed it, and the lens cap managed to shoot directly into a small hole in the ground, all hole-in-one Tiger Woods style. Now, this hole was something I never noticed the whole time I was out there, and I was amazed that the cap managed to fall directly down there, like magic. I reached my hand into the hole, nervous that it was the home of some sort of snake or a rabid raccoon. The lens cap was out of reach, so I found a stick nearby to try to fish the cap out, eventually managing to get the now dirt-covered lens cap out of the depths of the earth.

To make matters more interesting, a few minutes later I was standing by the camera when I felt something wet hit my arm. I looked down to discover that...yeah, a bird just crapped on me. Good times!

The sunset never really turned out, but there was some nice color in the sky anyways. So here's a shot of the bridge:
Junction Bridge

I tried to find another viewpoint on the bridge, and got this:
Another Junction Bridge shot

I went across the river to try to get some shots from the north shore. I was too late to try to get any good views of the skyline with some evening light, but managed to get this view of the skyline from NLR:

Here's another little time-lapse video of dusk settling in at the Junction Bridge. Sorry that it jumps around some, I decided to move the camera a bit halfway through. But stay tuned to the end to see the Arkansas Queen riverboat float through and dock on the north shore...


Jonw said...

I tend to prefer that soft, dramatic blue twilight over sunset when focusing on a structure like this...I think you got a sweet shot that keeps detail in the sky and bridge--not as easy when it's silhouetted behind a sunset...but hey you botched the timing anyway haha.

Cormackphotos said...

I thought that a sunset might look cool - but nothing really came of it, so I settled for that nice blue twilight instead...

Cormackphotos said...
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