Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot night at Dickey-Stephens

I've gotten behind in posting new pictures, so here is a post with some pictures from last weekend. On Saturday, my brother was in town and we decided to check out an Arkansas Travelers minor-league baseball game. My brother hadn't been to the new stadium here yet, and was interested in seeing a game there and to compare it to the old Ray Winder Field, where the Travs used to play.

It probably wasn't the best of ideas to go to a game, since it was 103 degrees outside at the start of the game. And of course, our seats were in the sun.
Keep him in, take him out...

The Travs were playing the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, who play out of Springdale. This might have been a problem for my brother, who to cheer for? We both grew up in Little Rock and used to go to tons of Travs games. But he has since moved off to Northwest Arkansas, so he might be more for the NWA team instead. He decided to cheer for the home team, which ended up losing 5-2.

My brother has been to a few Naturals games at their new stadium in Springdale, and was pleased to see that beer is much cheaper at Dickey-Stephens. It did help battle the heat.

Our seats were along the third-base line, so I had the camera ready to try to get any action around third base. Didn't really catch much though.

It got dark, so all the shots turned out to be really grainy. A Travs player would end up sliding into third later on, but the shot was mixture of blurry and grainy pixels so it doesn't really look as awesome as I hoped. Oh well.

And finally here is a view of the skyline from our seats. The stadium does have a great location...
View from Dickey-Stephens

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