Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I admit to being too lazy to get any pictures last weekend. It was about 100 degrees outside on Saturday, so I slept in. On Sunday I made sure I was around a tv so I could watch FC Dallas play the LA Galaxy (which was time well spent, since Dallas won the game 4-0, yay Hoops!). But since I didn't get to take any pictures, I thought I needed to go somewhere to find something to take a few pictures of.

I ended up going to the Arkansas State Capitol last night, trying to get another shot of the old building lit up at night.

I got out there at sunset, with enough time to get the camera ready before it got too dark. As I was standing on the lawn in front the capitol building, a couple parked on the road and walked along the sidewalk by where I was standing.

"Are you filming right now?" they asked.

No, actually I'm just standing out there waiting for it to get a bit darker to get pictures, I said.

"Why are you filming out here?" they asked, again.

"Uh..." I said. "Well, I'm just waiting for it to get a bit darker to take some pictures of the building at night," I said, wondering why they would confuse my Olympus camera for a movie camera.

"Oh ok," they said, and then didn't move any step closer to the capitol. I assume because they didn't want to get in my way of the "filming" of the capitol. Whoops. They posed for a few pictures of themselves in front of the building, and then got back to their car and drove off. I hope I didn't ruin their visit to the capitol. Who knows, they could have been there to step in the same footsteps of their favorite movie, Stone Cold, which had a few scenes filmed here in all of its 1991 glory.

But here is a shot of the Capitol Building at dusk:


Jonw said...

Cool time lapse...but it does leave me with one nagging question:

"ARE you filming right now?"

Cormackphotos said...

You know, I guess I was kinda filming since I would turn those shots into a little time lapse video later on. Whoops, my bad.