Monday, December 3, 2018

Capitol Fireworks

Every year, Arkansas is kind enough to have a little fireworks display right after the 100,000 holiday lights are switched on at the State Capitol. It's a great event, there are tons of families and people out to see the show (it also coincides with the end of the Little Rock Christmas Parade). And of course, it's also a great event for photographers.

The show this year was a little different. Usually the fireworks are launched from right behind the Capitol building, but this year they were moved farther back (maybe for safety? It was really windy earlier that day). Which resulted in the fireworks themselves looking smaller, where even some of the fireworks ended up being obscured by the capitol building. Hopefully next year they move it back closer.

Anyways, here's one of the shots I managed to get. We were already set up by the side of the building and after the fireworks started, people began hurrying over by the side to get a better view.


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