Sunday, June 24, 2018


Last week we took a quick vacation and headed up to Canada to spend a few days with some friends. We managed to score a great deal on the plane tickets to Toronto, but we would have to fly out of Memphis. Which seemed like a good deal, the cost was about half of what it would have been to fly out of Little Rock, and we got to start the trip out with a visit to Beale Street.

We drove to Memphis and went downtown for dinner and then walked along Beale Street. It was a Wednesday night but the street was absolutely packed with people and motorcycles. There must have been a bike convention or gathering going on, since they had pretty much taken over the street. I had to zoom in a bit while taking pictures - just below this show there were hundreds of bikes and thousands of bikers in leather crowding the street.


We walked by the famous Peabody Hotel and went inside to take a look. The hotel opened in 1925 and is one of the iconic places in downtown Memphis. This is the view of the lobby (we didn't stay here, we were at a place close to the airport that was nowhere near this fancy).


And one last shot from downtown Memphis. We didn't linger too long here, we had to wake up very early the next morning for our flight. But this is a view looking towards the Peabody and also to Huey's (the best burger place in Memphis, by far).


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