Monday, December 18, 2017

Little Rock Christmas

I headed out the other day to try to get a few pictures of Little Rock while it's decked out with Christmas lights. The most prominently decorated building in town would probably have to be the state capitol, which has over 100,000 lights strung across the marble building. I feel sorry for the poor state workers who had to go out and string all the lights, but it does look pretty cool.

Under The Dome

And while the lights do look cool, I do miss the old days when they had the "disco dome" going.


There were a few other people out there taking pictures, including someone taking pictures of a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty and a man in a suit with a big ugly blonde wig, who I assumed was supposed to be Donald Trump. There were standing next to some signs, but I was too far away to see what they said. I'm guessing the photo shoot was to either to protest or support the President, or was for some really bizarre Christmas card.


And one last shot of the Capitol, this time from across I-630. The dome stands above the lines of traffic, which is probably people rushing off to the mall.

Dome For The Holidays

Before heading home, I stopped to get one more picture of some Christmas lights. This year, the city put up a 40 foot tall Christmas tree at the corner of Main Street and Capitol Avenue. But even at 40 feet, it's not the tallest Christmas tree around. That distinction belongs to another tree that shines down on Capitol avenue from the sides of the Bank of America Building. At 16 stories tall, it's probably the tallest tree around (at least as long as the people in the offices remember to switch on the lights in their windows).


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