Sunday, June 4, 2017


We headed down to Dallas over Memorial Day weekend so we could catch the U2 concert at AT&T Stadium. It was my first time to ever visit the stadium, and while it looks massive on TV it is even bigger in person. We were able to see a lot of the stadium, since our tickets were pretty much at the very top (there were only three rows left before the roof started behind us). The view for football games is probably fairly decent from up there, but not really all that great for concerts. The band was tiny, just a few minuscule dots moving about on the vast floor below us. To make things more frustrating, the sound bounced off the roof of the stadium, so both U2 and the Lumineers (the opening act) were very echoey and it was difficult to hear things all that well.

I know it's silly to complain about something as silly and unimportant as concert acoustics, but when you spend a lot of money on tickets it's a little frustrating. But from what I could hear, it was a pretty good concert.

Our view, there is a band performing somewhere down there...


The next day we headed out to do some sightseeing in Dallas. We ended up at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, which is actually named after Ross Perot.


The museum seems more geared towards kids, but there was some interesting exhibits there. Including a few dinosaurs!

Say Cheese!

Later that evening, I was able to head back downtown to get a few more pictures of the Dallas skyline. I ended up at the top of parking deck that provided this view. In the foreground is the Dallas World Aquarium.


And one last shot, with the 72-story Bank of America Plaza looming in the background. The skyscraper was completed in 1985 and is still the tallest building in Dallas, and the 28th tallest building in the US.


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