Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pedestal Rock

From Mt. Nebo, I decided to drive onto Hwy. 7 and then headed up north into the Ozarks. The same fog that shrouded the top of Nebo was coating the top of the Ozark Mountains. The road dipped and turned through deep fog, with some occasional light rain hitting the car. I didn’t think the rain would be enough to get waterfalls going, so I decided to head up and hike the trail to Pedestal Rock.

There were two other cars at the trail head, but I didn’t see any other people while out hiking. There were several deer along the trail, including some that must be pretty brave or are at least not that bothered by humans. They didn’t mind me walking by along the trail and taking a few pictures.


It had stopped raining, but the woods were pretty saturated that afternoon. This leaf along the trail was collecting a little bit of rainwater.


Eventually the trail dips down and runs along a bluff, and the namesake Pedestal Rock comes into view. The rock pedestals were formed from eons and eons of erosion and weathering. The largest is Pedestal Rock, which stood tall as the thick fog obscured the hills and forest behind it.


With the thick fog, there still wasn't much of a view (no matter how close you dared to get to the edge of the bluff). I tried to get a few pictures, before hurrying back to the car to head back home in order to pick up Jonah from daycare.



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