Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blue Spring, Missouri

From Turners Mill, we headed on towards Blue Spring.  Eventually after some more driving, we headed down the dirt road that runs downhill towards the Spring.


After a short walk, we made it to Blue Spring. The Spring is aptly named, the water here is a deep and vivid shade of blue. The Osage called this the "Spring of the Summer Sky," which is pretty fitting.


The color is due to suspended particles of limestone in the water, and also because of the depth of the Spring. Blue Spring is one of the deepest springs in the country, descending 310 feet. It's deep enough that if you were to walk the Statue of Liberty here all Ghostbusters 2 style and drop her into the spring, she would be completely submerged all the way past the torch.


About 90 million gallons of water flow out from the Spring every day, making it the seventh largest spring in the Ozarks. From here the water creates a stream that then flows into the nearby Current River.


Along the short hike back to the parking area, we walked by this side trail which snaked off into the woods. After that we headed back to the car and then drove on towards a few more springs (there are a bunch of them in this area!).


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