Saturday, July 16, 2016

Port Aransas

Every year around the 4th of July, my wife's family has a reunion. This year, they all decided to meet at Port Aransas, which is on the Gulf of Mexico right by Corpus Christi, Texas. Although it would be a long drive with the baby, we were looking forward to some time at the beach. They rented a nice beach house, which actually overlooked the Gulf.

Of course, just before heading down there we learned that there was some bacterial contamination in the waters along the Gulf, and that some people even got flesh-eating bacteria. Yay! But by the time we got there things had gotten back to normal, and it was safe to go into the water. When we first arrived there, it was right before sunset. We headed out and walked along the beach, dipping our feet into the water. Later that night I felt my skin start crawling. The bacteria was setting in already! But on closer inspection it turned out to be some ants crawling on my back.

I took the camera out one night around sunset to try to get a few shots.


And a view from a small tower with this observation deck. The wind coming in from the Gulf was strong, tossing around the plants growing along the sand dunes.


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