Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I headed out last week to try to take a few pictures in downtown Little Rock, and ended up driving by the State Capitol right around sunset. They were just starting to switch on the big lights on the capitol, which is why part of it is darker and part of it is green.


I drove a few blocks over and went to the top of a parking deck, which provides a bit of a different view of downtown. It sits across the street from the Simmons Tower, which at 40 stories is the tallest building in the state. Also in this shot is the Regions Center, which is the second tallest building in the state.


And one last shot, looking north from the parking deck. There is a restaurant in one of the buildings on the corner, and I was very tempted to rush down there to have dinner. It smelled like bacon was cooking, and the scent of it must have drifted up in a cartoon-like cloud to the top of the parking deck. I was ready to abandon the camera, but stuck around to take a few more pictures before heading home.


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