Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Greeter Falls (Tennessee)

After buying a new house, we spent several nights trying to do some painting. I quickly realized that I was not a great painter – Picasso has nothing to worry about here. So luckily we were able to take a quick break and head out of town. My wife needed to travel to Nashville for work, so I took a few days off from work and went with her. So while she was working during the day, I headed out to try to find a few waterfalls in Tennessee.


The first waterfall I went to is Greeter Falls, located about a two hour drive of Nashville. The falls are along a short trail, and is protected within the Savage Garden Gulf State Nature Area, part of the South Cumberland State Park. The trail loops around through the forest for a few miles, and is fairly easy (it does get steep in a few spots). Beyond the waterfalls, there is also this cool swinging bridge there.


Along the way, the trail passes by Broadtree Falls, which has two drops. The upper falls are about 30 feet tall, and the lower is about 15. It’s a neat spot, and luckily some clouds helped with the pictures by blocking the sun.



The trail then runs above the creek and heads towards Greeter Falls. The trail then drops steeply down the hill towards the creek, using a conveniently placed spiral staircase to get to the falls. Which is a nice touch, more hiking trails need spiral staircases on them. From there the trail runs steeply down to the falls. But it is a great waterfall, where Firescald Creek drops about 50 feet into a scenic pool.


I was there on a Thursday afternoon, and there wasn't anyone else around. Apparently it can be a busy spot in the summer since this is a popular little swimming hole.



It's a great waterfall, and is one that would definitely be worth visiting again.



Upper Greeter Falls is just a short walk away. They are about 10 feet, I think. I tried to get a few pictures but the sun was coming out from behind the clouds.


After that I needed to get back to Nashville, but would head out the next day to try to hit a few more waterfalls.

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