Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

One really good thing about my job is that the office sits just a few short miles from Pinnacle Mountain State Park. I can quickly get to the park after work or on my lunch break (if I'm not trying to nap in the car). So last week, I headed to the park on a rainy day after work.

The top of Pinnacle Mountain was shrouded by low clouds, with the rain cooling the temperature down enough for it to feel like Autumn.


The road here leads to the old bridge over the Little Maumelle River, which was built in the 1920s. The bridge was replaced with a newer span in the 1980s, but the old bridge was preserved as part of the state park. The 235-mile Quachita Trail crosses the river using the bridge.


I drove over to the base of Pinnacle Mountain, and went to hike the Kingfisher Trail. The trail is a short one, and runs along the Maumelle River. It also passes by several towering and ancient cypress trees.


And one last shot from the park, taken while getting my work clothes all muddy along the trails.


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