Monday, March 31, 2014

Big Dam Bridge

I used to live by the Big Dam Bridge, and over the years I have made a ton of trips there. But I haven’t been to the bridge since I moved across the river to Little Rock last year. So last week I grabbed the camera and went back to my old stomping grounds. It had been pouring down rain all day, but the clouds were breaking apart and there were a few people out at the bridge walking and fishing.

I walked out to one of my favorite places to get pictures of the bridge. A little stretch of concrete juts out into the river, just below the dam. The river was running high, and the muddy water churned past the rocks sitting below the concrete. The recent heavy rains had left a few puddles in the concrete, which provided a nice reflection of the bridge and the lights (still green for St. Patrick’s day, I guess).


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perry said...

very nice photos for little rock have u ever tried a few photos in this area? 3300-3398 I St there is a very nice view at night take a look plz