Thursday, September 19, 2013

Around Nimrod

Got in the car last weekend with the hope of finding something to take pictures of. It wasn't ideal weather for photos; bright sun and absolutely no clouds. But I headed out anyways, since there were a few places that I wanted to drive by and check out. Which I eventually was able to, even if I missed my turn twice and drove about 30 miles out of the way.

I drove down a dusty dirt road that cut through the Ouachita National Forest. Along the way it passed by a few old barns and old homes, baking in the summer heat.



The next stop was the old Wallace Bridge, which crosses the Fourche La Fave River. The bridge was built way back in 1909, and nearly destroyed a century later. In January of 2009, a delivery truck tried to cross the bridge but it was too heavy and the bridge collapsed. After being closed for nearly a year and a half, the bridge was repaired and reopened. I crossed it to take pictures, and made it across without any damage to the bridge.


From there I drove to the small and amusingly named town of Nimrod, Arkansas. There is an old church/community building (?) there that I wanted to take pictures of. The building is definitely old, and is flanked by two tall trees. There were even a few outhouses out behind the building.




And one lost shot, taken from the nearby cemetery...


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