Sunday, September 23, 2012


It was foggy and rainy last Sunday night, and since I had the camera with me I decided to head to downtown and maybe take a few pictures.  It was right at dusk, where the sky had turned a bit blue, mixing in with the orange cast of the city lights.  My first stop was at Riverfront Park in North Little Rock, where this large gun was sitting along the river.  I'm not sure of its exact purpose, but I assume the gun is here as a sort of defensive measure, in order to protect the city of North Little Rock from any attacks from the city of Little Rock.


EDIT: Well apparently the gun is part of the Arkansas Maritime Museum, and the old USS Razorback Submarine. But if Little Rock gets any fancy ideas, I'm sure it can be put back in action. Anyways, it's more powerful than the arsenal that Little Rock has - mostly the old canon sitting on the lawn of the Old State House:

Old State House in the snow

The fog and low clouds made for some interesting atmospheric conditions. So I rushed over to get a shot of the Little Rock skyline and the Junction Bridge. Since it was raining some, I sat under the I-30 bridge with a few other people who were fishing in the river.


I drove around Little Rock for a bit and ended up going to the top of a parking deck, which has a decent view of downtown. The fog was still drifting around, and was being lit up by the tops of the buildings.


I drove down Louisiana Street and ended up passing by the Cathedral of St. Andrew. The cathedral was built way back in 1881. One kinda interesting thing about it, which I found out when googling the church to see when it was built, is that the bell in the tower was used as part of Little Rock's fire alarm system. It retired from duty in 1944.


I drove around a bit more, stopping at the state capitol and a few other spots. But nothing from there really turned out, so I called it a night and paid a quick visit to the Flying Saucer.

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