Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinnacle Mountain Erupting

A huge storm moved through town on Tuesday afternoon.  It rained cats and dogs at my apartment (not literally, fortunately).  The storm passed through right after I got home from work, so I only had to dodge a few raindrops.  But around 5:00, it started pouring down rain.  One of my co-workers wasn't as lucky and got stuck in the worst of the storm.  She reported being stuck in traffic on the freeway, which was inching along at 15 mph during the worst of the heavy rain.  She lives in Greenbriar, and it took her an hour and a half to get home.

I thought the storm clouds would cover up the sunset that night, so I hesitated before heading out to Two Rivers Bridge that night to meet up with Zack and John.  But I was glad I drove out there, since there was indeed a sunset.  And it turned out to be one of the more unique sunsets that you can view from the bridge.

Twice a year, the sun lines up just perfectly so that it sets right behind Pinnacle Mountain.  By the time I got to the bridge, the storm had cleared.  It actually looked like there might be a decent sunset too.  And the recent storm had cooled things off enough to produce some bits of fog, which snaked around the bottom of Pinnacle Mountain.  So we walked across the bridge and set up the cameras and tripods and waited for the sunset....

Here's my view of the sunset, which nearly makes it look like Pinnacle Mountain is erupting...

Pinnacle Mountain Erupting

As the sun sank below Pinnacle, there were probably ten or so other people gathered along the railings of the bridge taking pictures.  This has to be most people I've ever seen out taking pictures from the bridge (most people there are doing more sensible things, like exercising).  The line of cameras reminded me of the throngs of people set up along the side of the road at Boxley Valley whenever the elk are out.

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