Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Collins Creek

Last weekend I decided to make another trip up to the Ozarks for another look at the fall colors. This has really turned out to be a great year for fall foliage, and there were still a lot of colorful leaves hanging on to the trees.

I decided to pay another visit to Collins Creek. This is a popular place to visit, thanks to the steady stream of water that runs over a few small waterfalls. It was warm and sunny when I left home and drove north towards Heber Springs. The creek is located in the JFK Memorial Park, next to Greers Ferry Lake.

I got there in the late afternoon, and wasn't surprised to see the parking lot packed with cars. I walked the short trail to the creek, and then waited a bit for the sun to sink low enough to put the creek in the shadow.


I walked back up to the series of waterfalls on the creek, and was a little annoyed to see it was still a bit crowded. I sat back and waited for the crowds to clear out - there were a bunch of people posing on the rocks getting portraits taken right where I wanted to be taking pictures. It finally began to clear out just before it got dark. I hurried to get a few pictures while there was still some light...

These were taken while standing in the creek. The water is cold...

And a tree caught in a reflection, taken while standing in the creek just above the tallest waterfall...

It was nearly dark now, with just barely enough light to see out of the camera. But I tried to get in a few last shots before it was time to drive back home. This is the view looking down on the tallest waterfall on Collins Creek (which isn't saying much, it's maybe like 5 feet tall). Notice the swirl of autumn leaves caught in the current in the pool...

The fall colors are right at peak right now in central Arkansas. It makes me wish I could take more time off from work. I just might have to call in "sick" tomorrow....

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