Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carwash Falls

After visiting Sweden Creek Falls, it was sadly time for us to head back home. The conditions were still perfect for waterfall conditions, so we tried to think of a good waterfall that we could visit as we made our way south. Having just hiked over five miles that morning, we both quickly agreed that it would be one that wouldn't involve a lot of walking to reach. So we decided to take the long way home, and visit a waterfall that you not only drive right up to - but actually drive right under.

Carwash Falls isn't very tall, but it is pretty unique. It's where the creek tumbles over a bluff, and lands right along a country dirt road. You can drive your car right under the falls - hence the name. It's a waterfall that I've been wanting to visit ever since seeing a picture of it a few years ago. I really wanted to get an awesome shot of the Vibe under the falls, but would instead have to settle for a picture of Zack's Jeep (which is a shame, my car does need a good carwash).
Carwash Falls

To get there, we turned onto a forest service road in Deer and headed south. The road passed through miles of forest, before eventually running along the top of a high ridge. It then dropped down and began to run parallel to the Big Piney Creek. Eventually we found Carwash Falls and stopped for a few pictures. From there we continued on south, and then forded Hurricane Creek (which the Vibe would have failed at crossing). There was a family camping right at the spot where the road fords Hurricane Creek. As Zack's Jeep pushed it's way through the water, the entire family headed out and stared at us in disbelief and looked at us like we were crazy.

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