Thursday, April 28, 2011

Triple Falls (finally!)

After climbing out of Bear Creek, we returned to the campground and lazily sat around the campfire. After lunch, we all debated where to head out next. One of the other photographers up there, Bryan Simpson, decided to drive around and try to find some interesting barns to take pictures of. I always love a good barn, so I headed off with him.

We drove down a few different dirt roads, looking for something interesting. Eventually we ended up in Boxley Valley, which has a ton of neat barns in it. We stopped for a few pictures, but none of mine really turned out. As we headed out, we decided to pay a visit to Triple Falls, the waterfall near the Camp Orr Boy Scout camp along the Buffalo National River.

I was happy to make the trip. Triple Falls can be reached via a very short and easy hike (which was nice compared to the miles of bushwhacking done that weekend). And with the recent rains, it actually meant that all three of the waterfalls there would be running. On my previous visits to this waterfall, I have had bad luck. I've actually never been able to get up there when the falls have really been running well. The old joke was that it should be called Trickle Falls, since that is what I usually see it as.

The only problem with a waterfall visit was that my tripod was back at the campground, I had forgotten to pick it up. Luckily Bryan had a spare that I could borrow.

So we made the short hike to the falls, and they were indeed running quite well. I was thrilled to actually see them running like this, finally! But another problem popped up. The ball head on the borrowed tripod wasn't working right. It wouldn't lock down, so I had to try to rig it in a way to get it steady for a few pictures.

And luckily, it worked out!

This is a really pretty waterfall, and a popular spot. As we were leaving, about eight other photographers showed up.

We spent the night again at the campground, and luckily the weather had calmed down. The sun came out and warmed everything up, and the winds died down. It was actually a pleasant night to sit out by the campfire and enjoy some good company.

The next morning we all woke up before dawn again, and set off to find a good spot to catch the sunrise. We ended up at a spot along Hwy. 7, with this view looking towards the east.

And from there, we drove over and made the short hike to the waterfall in Lonesome Hollow.

From there it was back to camp, where we started to pack everything up. I was tired and sore, and hadn't had a shower in a few days (and probably really needed one). So I gathered up my burned shoes, and we departed camp and headed back home...

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Zack Andrews said...

You burned your shoes again, Brian? Seriously? Haha. Nice shots man.