Monday, February 28, 2011


Before the storms and earthquakes hit Arkansas yesterday, I decided to make a short visit to downtown Little Rock in an attempt to get a few pictures. Somehow, each picture that I'm posting now is somehow involved with the capitol. I didn't plan that at all, but I'll pretend that it's all some sort of brilliant idea.

Capitol shot #1 is a bit obvious, since it's the actual State Capitol. I was surprised to see that it was open, being a Sunday afternoon. So I headed inside, where the building was empty and eerily quiet. The only other people in the entire building were two Capitol Police officers, who were sitting bored in their little office.

I went to take a few pictures, the shutter echoing off of the marble hallways.

The next stop turned out to be Old State House, which served as the first state capitol in Arkansas. This isn't the most exciting picture, but I thought it was something different at least...

And the last shot was taken along Capitol Avenue, a few blocks away from the capitol building. This was actually taken right by Broadway, looking east...

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