Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Truth In Advertising

This may come as a shock to the three loyal people who read this - but when I was a young lad in college, I would partake in an occasional alcoholic beverage. My venue of higher learning was, unfortunately, located in a dry county. So to go and purchase our 6-pack of the devil's brew, we would have to travel to one of the nearby wet counties. Luckily for us, one was located just about 10 miles away in the town of Scranton, located just across the river from our stodgy dry county.

Just outside of Scranton you will see this old barn along the side of the road.
As a fan of old barns, it's always nice to see an old barn that is easy to get a few pictures of. And also, one that even labels itself as an old barn.

I got a few pictures of The Old Barn back in the college days, but hadn't paid it a visit in the years since. I was passing through over the weekend, and stopped to get another shot on a cold and rainy day...

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