Thursday, December 23, 2010

So This Is Christmas

Well since Christmas is coming up, I guess I should finally get around to posting some more Christmas pictures...

Last weekend, I headed back to downtown Little Rock. I had noticed that the columns on the old Robinson Center were thrown in green and red colored light. It must have been for some sort of Christmas show being put on there, I think by the orchestra. The old building did look very festive:

I think this was done just for last weekend, I drove by there a few nights later and there weren't any special lights on.

And a view from Robinson Center, looking towards the Pulaski County Courthouse and the Stephens Building:

Hope everyone that reads this has a good Christmas!

1 comment:

Zack Andrews said...

Thank you Brian,

I hope you had a good Christmas as well!

Love the shot of the lights on the building, that's a cool idea.