Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boxley Valley & Kyle's Landing

Next we made a quick visit to see how the color was down in Boxley Valley, which is easily one of the most scenic places in the Buffalo National River. We didn't see any of the elk, or the trumpeter swans, but there was some decent color. We stopped at a few places, including some old barns. There are a ton of old barns in Boxley Valley...

We also made a quick stop at the old Villines cabin, which sits along the main road through Boxley.

This is another neat place, built way back in 1850 by one of the first pioneer families to settle along the Buffalo River. The old home was converted into a barn many decades ago. I thought the old place was interesting, especially this old fence post with a patch of moss growing on the top:

And one last shot from here:

From there we traveled over to Kyle's Landing - a camping area and put-in along the Buffalo River. The dirt road heading in was a bit bumpy, and I was happy that we were in Clay's truck and not in my car...

The sun had come out, and was making the light in the photos a bit harsh. But we might as well have a look around since we made the drive down there...


The water in the river is really low...

We made one last stop along the road out of Kyle's Landing in order to get pictures of this great old barn...

And then we got back onto the main road and headed down to Jasper for another traditional stop at the Ozark Cafe.

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Heather said...

Beautiful images. Kyle's Landing is one of my favorite areas on the Buffalo.