Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dogtown Falls

Due to its geography and location, there aren't many waterfalls around Little Rock. The city sits in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, which aren't known for waterfalls (like the Ozarks). I know of only one natural waterfall in central Arkansas, and it's not all that well-known. It sits in Emerald Park, and drops down from the "Big Rock."

Although it's located by a popular recreation trail, the falls themselves are a bit hidden. But a small creek runs over several drops and then a cascade, before moving on to the Arkansas River. This is one of the smaller falls along the creek:

I really hoped to find the falls flowing better than this, but this part of the state didn't see as much rain over the weekend as the Ozarks did. Here is a shot of the falls, jokingly called Dogtown Falls here. The falls don't have an official name yet...

And a closer look at the top portion of the falls, which are about 10 feet tall.

And one more shot from the bottom of the falls:

And a smaller fall just below...

Well I don't think I was technically accurate when I said that this is the only waterfall in North Little Rock. There is also this small man-made waterfall at the Old Mill, from a visit last week...

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