Thursday, August 27, 2009

Collier Homestead

The Collier Homestead is an old homesteader’s place that sits tucked away in the woods at Tyler Bend. From the parking area it is a very short hike through the woods to the clearing where the homestead sits. An old fence surrounds the main building and a small out building, all of which sat in the silence of the early morning light.

The Collier family moved to this spot on a hill overlooking the Buffalo River in 1928. The family lived there for about fifty years, but it was abandoned and nearly lost to the woods by the time the National Park Service purchased the buildings in 1987.

The buildings are in good shape considering their age. On the inside you can even spot patches of newspaper along the walls, which was used as a make-shift insulation. The windows are open now to the elements – this was taken looking out from the dark interior of the main building.

There is a trail that continues on and leads to an overlook of the Buffalo River . We didn’t make it that far, but did walk down to this other old building (some sort of shed?). I stood in some poison ivy to get this one shot…


WindyBug said...

cool place. i love all the green green.

Matthew Kennedy said...

We had an old house in De Witt built in the 1930's that we eventually tore/burned down that was insulated with newspaper. A lot of the papers were still in pretty good shape and you could see car ads and read articles.

I get the Sunday paper and end up recycling it. Just think I could be sticking that stuff in my attic for insulation. People used to get by with a lot less than we do today.