Thursday, July 23, 2009

8th and Main

Some of the best views of Little Rock can be found by visiting the many different parking decks across downtown. The elevated view gives a different overlook on the skyline, and you are far enough above street level that you are well removed from any wandering crazy people. The only problem with this is that I'm never sure if I'm actually trespassing or not. But I decided to try a parking deck that I had never explored before, this one on south Main Street.

I had some time to look around before the sunset. The parking deck here actually straddles Eight Street, and provides this view of the First Presbyterian Church (I think).
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I thought this shot looked cooler in black and white, which doesn't do much to show how crazy the sky looked before the sunset. The clouds were several different colors - from dark gray, to pink, to fluffy white. This is what it looked like while facing south.

When the awesome sunset (seen in the below post) faded into the blue skies of dusk, I tried for some skyline shots of the city.

I wished that the viewpoint would provide a bit more exciting view, but I hoped it would be something a bit different than what you normally see of downtown Little Rock.

The building along Main with all the lights on is the home of the state Department of Health and Human Services (I think). It was nice of them to leave all the lights on (since it makes for a more interesting photo), but dang they are wasting a lot of electricity! The building with the tower belongs to AT&T. When I was younger and dumber and I would visit downtown (all that's changed now is that I'm older), I always thought that this was the tower for the airport for some reason.

To end the night I moved across the parking lot and got a shot from the opposite end, looking back down Eight Street and the old church.

And one good thing about summer - the sunsets are around 9pm, which means I can take a quick nap after work and still have time to get pictures...

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