Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Bridge to Nowhere

After work on Friday night, I drove home in another thick fog. With really nothing better to do, I grabbed the camera and made one more photo trip out into the void. This time I ended up at the Big Dam Bridge, which was nearly obscured by the fog.
Big Dam Fog

Big Dam Bridge

I went back to one certain spot that I think provides the best view of the bridge. But of course as I got there I met a friendly skunk. He was standing right where I wanted to be taking pictures. Now I've seen that skunk out there before, so he must have a little home somewhere near that part of the bridge. Not really wanting to be sprayed (what a way to start the New Year), I moved back to a different spot nearby. I was nervous the whole time, expecting to turn around and see that damn skunk right next to me.
The Fog

I survived the shoot without any skunk incidents, and made a quick hike up the bridge. The fog had grown thicker and it was hard to see much of anything on the bridge.
Bridge to Nowehere

From there I decided to cruise around town looking for something to shoot, but never really found anything that turned out. Granted, there really isn't all that much in this part of town (I even drove through the Walmart Supercenter parking lot looking for inspiration). I decided to drive over to the city park at Lake Willastein in Maumelle, but got lost twice. I wasn't sure of the way there in the first place, and got completely disoriented while driving in the fog. Finally I made it there, but none of the shots really turned out after all. Oh well.

Stay tuned, coming up will be some shots taken Saturday while down in Hot Springs...

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