Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Full Moon and the Junction Bridge

Got an email from a contact on Flickr about shooting locations around Little Rock that would look cool with the full moon rising. I suggested the Big Dam Bridge and the Junction Bridge, and ended up meeting him out for a little photo trip. We went by the Big Dam Bridge first, but couldn't see the moon all that well. From there we moved over to the Junction Bridge, and tried to get a few shots. Luckily there were no crazy people encounters that night...

Here's a view of the bridge with the Little Rock skyline underneath.
Junction Bridge

The Junction Bridge is an old railroad bridge, built in 1885. When the bridge was built, most of "La Petite Roche," or the actual little rock from which the city took its name, was dynamited away for the bridge foundation. The bridge was abandoned in 1984, until the county decided to convert it to a pedestrian bridge. It had its grand opening last weekend.

And a shot of the bridge with the full moon and some clouds:
Full moon and the Junction Bridge

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