Thursday, February 8, 2007

Some more pictures, including snow!

Some new pictures!

Pinnacle Mountain

Not much of a view today

Went down to the Big Dam Bridge on a really nasty, cold and rainy night. Not really sure why, since I got soaked in the rain in the process. In a smart move, I decided not to bring an umbrella with me...



The blues

The river was really up high, and was really loud as it went by the dam. I thought it was cool how the water is going crazy below, but in the lock it is really still...

Locked up

As I was up there is started getting dark, and the sky in the distance lit up. I thought it was awesome that it was pouring down rain, but the sun was still breaking through and giving out a cool sunset. Then I realized that I was facing east, so if there was a sunset it'd be on the other side of the bridge. I guess the lights are the city light from downtown...

Sunset from the Big Dam Bridge?

Later on that next week I went by the Old Mill....I've never seen that much water flowing through there before....

The Old Mill

Then one night on the weekend I went and tried to get a shot of the skyline. I did think to bring an umbrella that time...

No ice storm this weekend

The Saturday after that I went and drove out to the little town of Scott, which is just outside of North Little Rock. The town has some neat old buildings, which can be photogenic sometimes..


There is a little state park there, something like the Plantation Agriculture park, which has some old farm equipment on display. But there is an area there next to an old barn that they must have recently cleared that was very overgrown the last time I went through there. The clearing uncovered a bunch of old fuel tanks and old railroad cars, which were probably hidden away by weeds, brush and poison ivy for years and years.

Some sort of old railroad car, maybe?

Looking in at an old railroad car(?)

Let It Be


The day after I made a quick stop at the Big Dam Bridge again. Since I live so close to the bridge I'll head down there with a camera if the conditions look promising. That day was one of the few sunny days we've had here lately, so I rushed down to see if there would be a sunset...


Everyone flocks to the Big Dam Bridge

And then last week it snowed! For a day. I was lucky that I could get out before it all melted away. The Old State House, in the snow:

Old State House in the snow

These are from Pinnacle Mountain:
Snow Day


More Snow

I'm Dreaming, of a White.....Friday.

Little Maumelle River

Little Maumelle

The snow ended up being a bit crappy. We got less than an inch, and it didn't last a day! How sad. But I might be spoiled when it comes to snow, after getting to play around in a blizzard last year:
Times Square and bike

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